These instructions are for your white pants and maroon shirt.

Step 1: Take off your uniform in one place ~hehe! I know you understand:)

Step 2: DO NOT WASH YOUR WHITE PANTS AND MAROON SHIRT TOGETHER! Also, please take your belt out of your pants and wash it with your shirt NOT with your pants. Sorry~~ Contrary to my support of Dye Magnet, I don't trust it that far the first few washes where a baseball uniform is concerned.

A side note: Don't let anyone tell you you can put Clorox or bleach in the wash to get dimatex/dirt/grass stain out of a white uniform. These things are made of polyesther and it will turn them yellow! If you have to use something to get the stains out, I have found 2 things that work:
#1 Sun Light (LIQUID NOT POWDER AND NOT "DISH" BUT "DISHWASHER")dishwasher detergent rubbed in real good to the spot before putting into the wash. THIS ONLY WORKS WITH WHITE UNIFORMS NOT COLORS ~ IT WILL BLEACH OUT COLORS!! But it's good on whites ~ It's what I used on your football pants. AND
#2 The M30 you left on the kitchen table. Rub this into the grass/dimetex/and other goop on your pants/shirt/socks.

Step 3: Put your pants, sliding shorts, cup, unders, socks(unless you want to wash these with your regular wash "whites" in hot water)and any other white things, in the washer, put in 1/2 (or a tad bit less) the amount of laundry detergent you normally would, throw in the Dye Magnet, and set to wash on warm/small load. Your first time doing this at college, check the water as it runs in the washer to make sure it's warm and not hot. If it's hot, switch to cold; unless of course you want your pants to shrink....

Step 4: When the above is finished washing, shake and put in the dryer on warm heat ~ DO NOT PUT YOUR CUP IN THE DRYER. TAKE A PAPER TOWEL AND DRY IT OFF. If your shirt is a different color and hasn't been washed with the above, put it in the washer and start it before you put your pants, etc., in the dryer.

Step 5: Wash your shirt and belt as you did your pants. If you MUST wash your hat, if it's the same color as your shirt, put it in this load. If it's the white hat, wash with your pants.

Step 6: DO NOT let your uniform and/or shirt lay in the dryer! They wrinkle faster than you can say "STRIKE 3!"

Just a "Motherly" note here ~ Don't leave the laundry room while you're doing your uniform. Aunt Missy says there's no respect in the college laundry room, and if you leave it, you may come back and find nothing or that it's thrown on the floor. It's one thing to have to buy new clothes ~ It's another to have to explain to a coach on a budget just why you think YOU deserve another uniform! I know I wouldn't want to explain......

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But don't let the ball hit you in the head! :)

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