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1) Your family will ALWAYS love you ~ through thick and thin.

2) Life is one big CHOICE.
You and only you are responsible for YOUR CHOICES and actions.
Only you will face the consequences of your choices/actions.
When there's a choice between easy and right, remember,

3) You will always be the best, if you always do your best.
The world may not see it, but you will know it.

4) Keep your mind open to new ideas and new experiences.
So many new things will be thrust upon you in the next 4 years,
and for the rest of your life. Process them in your mind and heart.
Take what is true and right; discard the rest.

5) Not everyone will hold your beliefs or ideals. That's ok.
But NEVER give up your convictions to be one of the "In Crowd".
Stay True to God and Stay True to Yourself.

6) Don't intentionally hurt anyone, even if they hurt you first. This one is tricky,
because the "Law of the Cosmos" does not intend for you to stand by
and not defend yourself. Again, make sensible choices.

7) Be "big" enough to admit to your mistakes; apologize for your mistakes;
don't repeat them. If the blame belongs on you, accept it.
If not, don't accept the blame.

8) Know there is a "higher power" who created you and loves you. Listen to your inner-voice ~
that is God speaking ~ follow your gut-feeling.

9) When one door closes, another opens. You may think this saying is cliche;
however, I have ALWAYS found it to be true without exception.
When you go through "dark times", hold on to that thought.
There's definitely something better on it's way to you.
Life's circumstances, trials and tribulations happen for a reason~
they are part of the growth process, they make us stronger, better human beings.
You may not understand at first, but things
ALWAYS, ALWAYS work out for the best.
So, never give up! Never lose hope!

10) Each day, take time for "quiet time". It strengthens your spirit AND clears the cob-webs!

Love you,